Workplace Assessment

Workplace Assessment

Our occupational therapists are available to provide workplace assessments for the purposes of preparing a rehabilitation plan and/or assessing any suitable modifications that may be required to help a worker return to work.

A workplace assessment is undertaken to assist the employer or workplace:

  • Make the appropriate adjustments or modifications to help the employee return to work with minimum discomfort or difficulty. 
  • Prepare a suitable duties plan that will help an injured worker return to work
    when ready.
  • Adopt safe work practices following an incident or accident.
  • Assess office ergonomics and provide recommendations for injury prevention.

Workplace assessments done by our occupational therapists will provide an analysis of work tasks, risks, barriers and goals of the return to work programme. This report will help doctors and other health professionals have a clear understanding of what was involved in the employee’s pre-injury role and how much of that the employee is able to do when he or she returns to work. This assessment will help in providing clarity of the employee’s capability and limitations upon returning to work. This will also assist the employer and the employee to make the adjustments required to facilitate the return to work process.

For agency, plan-managed or self-managed participants, we aid with:

  • Prescription for assistive technology
  • Home modifications design and recommendation
  • Disability aid and equipment supply
  • Occupational therapy home services
  • MOllii Exopulse Suit therapy
  • Laser therapy

You can pay for our services through any of the following:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Health plan from your general practitioner (GP)
  • Private health insurance
  • Medicare
  • Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)