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Suncoast Integrated Therapies is owned and operated by 121 Care.

The 121 Care Story

At the turn of the 90s, a group of people living with spinal cord injury on the Sunshine Coast decided that they wanted to be in a position to tailor the supports and services they needed, to when they needed it and how they wanted them delivered. They wanted to exercise choice and control. This flipped on its head, the idea that the only supports and care to be provided for people with disabilities (PWDs), would be in an institutionalised
or medical setting.

121 Care (formerly Quality Lifestyle Alliance) was formed in 1992, and this changed the way that people with disabilities received supports, it also ensured that they could continue to live independently and enjoy a better quality of life on their terms. In the years following, 121 Care expanded its supports from spinal cord injury to include other disabilities with neurological conditions or physical conditions such as cerebral palsy, amputees, traumatic brain injury.

On its 25th anniversary, 121 Care took another step forward by expanding services to include supports to people living with mental illness and intellectual disabilities. This meant operating supported accommodations and supported independent living sites across southeast Queensland.

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