Feda Adra joins 121 Care as co-CEO

Photo of Kym Chomley and Feda Adra

At 121 Care we are really proud of our innovative approach to leadership with this week’s announcement that our Chief Executive Officer role will be co-shared between two of the region’s most experienced and forward-thinking women in the not-for-profit space. Our 185 staff and amazing clients will benefit from the wealth of experience of our existing CEO […]

Life is what you make of it – Julee’s Story

Julee Redgen

If there is one word to sum up Julee Redgen’s outlook on life, that word would be perspective. “After going through everything that I have, what I’m going through now is just another hurdle. There’s always someone else who is worse off than me.” Just over two years ago, Julee then 58, was experiencing a […]

2020 Annual Report

Sea shell on the cover.

Suncoast Integrated Therapies is owned and operated by 121 Care. Review our achievements in the 2020 Annual Report. View the 2020 Annual Report here.

Jack’s road to recovery

Young boy aged 17 years.

Among the ways a brain can fail – tumour, aneurysm, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s – stroke is one of the most common.  An innocuous word – stroke – you stroke a cat, or a baby’s cheek. But stroke in medical terminology can be lethal. A stroke is what impacted then 16-year-old Jack Fenton while undergoing heart surgery […]

Darron’s determination

On a sunny Thursday afternoon 18 years ago in his hometown in England, Darron pulled on his cycling shoes and set off on his bike for a training session. A ride that would change his approach to triathlons – and life – forever more. In a life-altering moment, Darron went from triathlete to paraplegic as […]